Saturday, March 31, 2012

Redneck Fun

Lately we've been having problems with some roosters and a hen coming over to our place to eat our food, and irritate our chickens. Not to mention show our chickens how to cross the road (No this isn't one of those "Why'd the chicken cross the road jokes").

The roosters were Frank's... our neighbor who died on Christmas. He raised chickens like no one I'd ever seen before. He'd hatch 30 or so at a time, usually about every month. Needless to say, it wasn't unusual to look over at his place and see a Mama Hen walking in the grass with 20 or so chicks following behind. When he died, the family and city tried to catch as many of his chickens as they could, but there were a few stragglers left behind. And they seemed to find or house.

They drive us nuts.


They are loud, obnoxious roosters who crow even at 3:00 in the morning sometimes. They make a mess and poop everywhere. And attack our hens constantly. Besides, I wanted to plant our garden (it's time to get the peas and carrots in), and I knew they'd be right there eating the seeds, so we decided to take matters into our own hands.

 Look at this fearsome bunch. Pellet gun and blow dart gun. What Rooster in their right mind would come around this bunch?! Especially the cross-eyed boy!

 That Rooster would. He's in the horse corral. Makes me irritated just looking at him.

 Jim was bringing us some road base this afternoon and had to get in on the fun.

 We chased those Roosters everywhere. We shot them around our place. Then they'd run in the field out back, or down in the ditch. So we'd go around, find them again, and POW.
Then the game would start all over again.
 OK... really... there is a joke with these Roosters.
"Why'd the Roosters cross the road? Because Frank died."
It's a terrible joke, we know.

But it's true.
 While chasing the Roosters, we found buried in the ditch under the culvert pipe, eggs the hen had layed. So now instead of shooting the hen, too, we want to catch her and keep her.
Hope she lives since Jim got her.

 Here he is folks... one of the meanest, sharp shootin'est, cowboys who ever did  draw his Blow Dart Gun!

 I mean.... (ha, ha!)

He looks like one of those actors from an old musical who's about ready to break into a tap dance with his top hat and cane.
You never know what's up with this kid.
He's such a comedian.
 But he's still a good shot with his blow dart gun.

Cody and his spear. He didn't have his blow dart gun or bb gun outside so he decided to stab the roosters when they came by him.
Unfortunately the roosters finally got smart and took off across the street, in an area where the guns couldn't go. 

But they'll be back.

And so will we.

My Cute Hunter/Protector of the garden.
(Love this picture.)

Although we didn't quit kill the Roosters, we got some good shots in, and a ton of fun! Yes, it's redneck fun, but oh my heck... it was a good time! I love seeing these boys out to get their kill. Too bad T.J. wasn't around. He'll probably think twice before going to the store next time with Grandpa and Kai.

And to those Roosters who think they got away, but will be back... let me remind you...

I'm usually home.... and a very good shot!

Hey, I did win "Annie Oaklie" one time against the Drury girls! And that's sayin' something!

Mwahahaha! (evil laugh)

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