Sunday, March 4, 2012

Letters To Missionaries

This morning before church our boys wrote letters to Willie & Renee Sherwood. They've been on their mission now for four months. This is the first time our boys have written letters to missionaries and they are really excited to do it. T.J. started his with... "Dear Old Geezer's..." which is typical of our boys. At least one of them will start a letter or card with that.

 The funniest thing happened with Hunter. He'd worked so hard to write a letter to Willie and Renee and couldn't wait to show us. He'd written a full page plus some on the back. He brought it in to us, put it on the table and had Dad read it. The only problem was Hunter wrote it in his language, sounding out words how they sound to him, and also writing with no spaces in between the words.  Like the word 'think' is 'fek' to Hunter cause he uses an f sound for th. And 'with' is 'wef' and so on. He spelled California 'kalfonj', and said his birthday was 'mrsh frst'. He went on about going to the car show the night before and watching kids jump bikes there, his birthday, and so on. Hunter was so proud of that letter. Who wouldn't be?! A first grader wrote more then his older brothers!

Jared tried so hard to read it. I knew he was having problems so I stood behind him to read what I could figure out. Finally we got to a part that we just couldn't understand. We tried so hard not to make Hunter feel bad but Hunter got frustrated, grabbed the letter, and very sternly said, "You don't even know how to READ!" Oh man, we laughed so hard at this. I had tears in my eyes from laughing. It was hilarious!

It's so cute to watch them write these letters. Willie and Renee mean a lot to our boys. They are our "adopted" grandparents. We can't wait to see them in about three weeks when Blakeley is born.

That's right... 3 MORE WEEKS!!!!

We are so excited for our now cousin/niece to get here. And excited to see Willie and Renee again.

Blessings in life are awesome! Especially when you can see them through your kids. I hope T.J., Cody, and Hunter continue to write to missionaries and plan for their own missions someday. We have good boys and I'm so thankful for that.

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