Saturday, March 24, 2012

What Happens Around the Campfire, Should Stay Around the Campfire...

Love this picture! This is so typical of my boys to build a fire and sit around it this way while starting sticks on fire.

Love these boys!
All Jared wanted to do tonight was sit around a campfire. He's had such a busy week with work (love receiving blessings!) and just wanted to relax. So when he got home from shoeing tonight, we went out back and built one. Let's just say it was an interesting time tonight with my boys.
They look so sweet, yet were SO hyper!

I don't know why, but they were all on one tonight. It was joke after joke, bodily sounds coming from every which way and end, and laughter galore. I finally gave up on trying to remind them there was a girl present (me) and to use manners. It wasn't working even with Jared tonight. I reminded him how much I have to put up with living with all boys. And I can take a lot. I said out loud how I deal with a lot of stuff with boys and most of the time I can take it. That's when Cody said, "Mom, you're a manly woman." Yep, that's me! And that's actually a good compliment for me. I'm no sissy or city girl that's for sure.

We had hot dogs, baked beans, carrots and sugar snap peas, funyuns, and smor's. It was pretty tasty.
I know these are blurry. I couldn't get them to hold still long enough to take a picture without the flash on. It was just too much for these hyper boys. Although, Cody's stick he's flinging around looks pretty cool.

Hunter had a revelation through this whole thing. He announced, "The Holy Ghost lives inside of us. So he's camping inside me." Somewhere in the middle of this ruckus, he managed to find a spiritual moment.

But that night soon came to a screeching end as the boys decided to pee on the fire. Guess they'd had enough. I told Jared my day was rounded out. I did facials this morning with Mary Kay and then hung out with boys tonight who talked about farts, burps, spitting, and peeing on the fire. Girly stuff to manly stuff. And I have to admit, as much as I like Mary Kay products and facial parties, I have to have my country girl side as well. I got that tonight for sure.

All in a day of raising boys.

And a husband.

40 minutes later, after coming in from around the fire, I go upstairs to find this...
Pardon the mess... we had Kai here today. Boy I tell you... that kid never stops! Wish I had that much energy all the time.

Their high-strung spirits had had enough I guess.

This was just too cute to not take a picture of. I've never seen them all asleep at once like this. They had a big day though. Lots of work with Dad, and then extremely hyper at the end can do it to ya.

Goodnight my boys. Thanks for making this night memorable.

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