Saturday, March 31, 2012

T.J.'s Heavenly Drive

Once we finished the rooster hunt and got back to work, Jim finished bringing us the road base. He brought us two loads. After dumping the first, he took Hunter, Cody and Jared with him to load up the dump truck and haul more over. Jared drove his skid steer back (It was at Jim's house. I love having Jim and Cherie live one minute away from us. It's so fun!) After dumping the second load of road base out front, Jim pushed it all around and evened it out with the skid steer. It's so nice to get this in. We get so much mud here when it rains.

Jared had to leave for Priesthood conference, so he couldn't take the skid steer back while Jim drove the dump truck home, so next in line was... T.J.!!! He was so excited! Jim told him to drive slow and stay to the side and he'd follow him, even though T.J. knows how to drive pretty well now.
 Of course I had to get pictures!

 And he's off.

 It's about a mile from our house to Jim and Cherie's. 

A mile of T.J. being awesome as he drove the skid steer down the road.

Man... he's getting old!

And so am I.

Our road base.
Jim is so awesome to always help us. He and my Dad are so handy with all their fun equipment they have (to play on... hee, hee!).

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