Saturday, April 30, 2011

Home Depot

We love going to Home Depot. First, because my Dad works there. We love to go see Grandpa Kenison at work! And second, it's just a cool store. Lots of tool, machines, and for me... wood! (I love to cut out wood and paint!)
We had to run and get more chainsaw blades to use for the trees so we stopped by and said hi to Grandpa. He works in the plumbing section there. He's one of the only one's who really knows anything there. You can ask him anything and he'll tell ya how to fix it. Usually when we come to see him we have to wait to say hi cause he's always helping people. Guess we caught him on a good day today.

Walking through the store with Grandpa. We needed to replace our yard light while we had that lift, so he showed us the light bulb we needed. He should know, since he's the one who put it in for us.

Grandpa's "ROBOT" he built for the store. It holds lots of ends for pipes and helps with the organization. He's pretty crafty.

Waiving goodbye to our boys. Isn't he so cute! He loves when they come to see him. (He also built the cubbies behind him and painted them rainbow so there was better organization there, too. They should just have him organize the whole store. He'd do a much better job!)

A trip to Home Depot with the boys usually brings out the monkey in them though.

See what happens when we walk past the lawn mower section. It's like there's a magnet on those things that sucks them in. When they start turning the wheels and doing everything they can to make it move, that's when they're done. Typical boys.

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