Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sunday Dinner at my Parents House

Dinner at my parents house usually means.... 
Hanging out while we finish making dinner.

Spending time outside. Love my Dad's barn. There's no animals in it. Just 4-wheelers, his train, the bobcat, the mini track-hoe, and John's weight set. I love looking at this thing against the open mountains behind it with a perfect sunset. So relaxing.

The TrAiN!!! These boys love Grandpa's train! They usually ride with Grandpa and take turns driving up the road or down in his fields. This time Grandpa was in the house and it was Cody's turn to drive. Let's just say he loves going fast (if you can't tell by his body language. He sits forward when he floors it to make it go faster).

Stopping for a picture.

And then they take off again. They didn't stop driving around 'til dark.

Usually it's some one's birthday month so we have dessert for them. This month was Jared's. So for dessert he had his favorite chocolate pie from Marie Calendar's.

Love this kid! (His pink eye was starting to come on. Poor kid.)

MMmmm, chocolate pie.

My crazy brother John. Dinner's always mean lots of pictures, too. I get my addiction of taking pictures from my parents. My Dad started taking a lot when my parents got married, then my mom picked it up, and now us kids.

Jamie got a hold of my camera. Someday this is going to be a good picture to use against her, I just know it! 
Don't have any pictures of Jeff this time. He wasn't able to come. Another story for another time.

These boys love playing with my siblings. John loves to play in the sand box with them. Tonight they built a cool sandcastle. Hunter was inside playing the WII with Jamie.

I love watching the full moon come up over the mountain from their house. It seems so close. And I love how it lights it up outside. Makes driving home and spotting the deer much easier.

We only have dinner up at my parents once a month, but it's fun. Lots of work at times with my mom's health issues, but it's fun. The boys can't wait to go back and play on Grandpa's toys some more.

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