Thursday, August 25, 2011

Jared was helping the boys with their spelling words before the their big tests tomorrow. While he was helping Hunter, he could tell he was having trouble with a couple of words. He just couldn't remember how to spell as and sit. So Jared being his clever self thought of a way for him to remember the word as. He said, "It's like spelling a...s...s, but with only one s." Oh dear. So the rest of the night Hunter is making up these songs spelling out a...s...s. I'm going got be so embarrassed if he brings home his spelling test and has a...s...s written down. Thanks goodness he didn't remember how to spell the other word that's like sit, if you know what I'm saying.

** I must explain we do not use that kind of language around here. Doing rodeo we heard every word in the book and so the boys soon learned what words we don't say. But being boys, they get a little giggly when they start spelling them cause they know they aren't supposed to. That's why Jared thought Hunter would remember how to spell as if he put this twist on it. Trust Jared to come up with this. I think I'll stick to the spelling with the kids from now on. **

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