Monday, August 15, 2011

Our 11th Anniversary

We made it... today was our 11th wedding anniversary! (I didn't have any doubts, I promise!) I can't believe we are already here. It doesn't seem like it's been 11 years, but it has. Guess that's what happens when you are having fun!
Because T.J. now has football practice every night, we decided to go play during the day. What we didn't plan on was Hunter coming down with pink eye and staying home from school. Thank goodness my mom said she'd watch him while we went 4-wheelin' so we had a little time to our selves.                                                             We went to lunch at Red Robin. I've never been there before (shocking, I know.) It was really good. Hunter tagged along on our date for lunch. He was so funny. He knew it was our anniversary, but he thought since he was going to lunch, he could pick the place to eat. He thought he was in charge (like always). But then after lunch he said, "Pretend I'm not here." I said, "Why? Because we are on a date?" He said, "Ah huh." But then he kept right on chattering away until we pulled into Grandma's. Funny kid.

Playing tic-tac-toe with Dad.

I think Hunter was having a little too much fun on our date. Knowing him he'll try to come again. I love this picture of these two.

I got some kind of a spinach chicken wrap thing. It was so good! Jared had some kind of pineapple burger and macaroni and cheese.

We stole my Dad's Kabota and went 4-Wheelin' up to the end of YellowFork Canyon, hiked a bit, then drove down and drove up Rose Canyon before going back to get Hunter. This is one of our very favorite things to do on our anniversary - go 4-Wheelin'. We didn't have much time today to go around a huge canyon so we settled for a close one. But YellowFork has turned into one of our favorite places to go. It's nice and close, and pretty.
Jared took this picture of me in the rear-view mirror. We were just leaving my parents in the fun kabota.

Look how much water is still coming out of the canyon. usually by now it's just a trickle, but we got so much snow this past winter that it's still coming down pretty good.

Us by Dad's Kabota. I love driving that thing.

Our shoes were full of stickers by the time we got back from our hike.

My cutie.

I can honestly say I love Jared more today then I did when I met him, and I never thought that was possible. He is my bestest friend. We were talking as we were 4-wheelin' and I told him that I found myself  because of him. I can't imagine my life any other way. Ya, there would be a few things I might change here and there, but not Jared or my boys. I love my life with them. They are my world. I love my boys. I love my Cowboy. I love you Jared. Thanks for putting up with me these last 11 years. Thanks for making me so happy. I love you. Happy Anniversary!

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