Saturday, August 27, 2011

T.J.'s First Real Scrimmage Game Against Bingham

T.J. had his first real scrimmage game against Bingham today (their rivals!). A big game for us, especially since Jared went to Bingham. This was a practice game before the season fully kicks off next weekend. Man, are these games INTENSE! First off, there are five different fields everyone is playing on at this small park so the parking is a joke, there are people everywhere!, and everyone is SO into this. They had a BBQ going on, a snow shack, and treats you could buy. Cops everywhere. It was crazy!                                                                                                                                             It was a fundraiser day so we all had to pay to get in. We got there an hour before it started. T.J. got his X on his helmet. We only have 3 X men on our team. And everyone got their wrist bands to help them remember what they do on which plays it is.
Getting ready with wristbands.

It was so hot! And this park didn't have much shade. The boys were trying to stay cool before the game.

But not our boys. They were a little crazy. I think from all the excitement there. Aren't they cute in their jersey's though?!

Warm-ups. T.J. is on the second row from the back on the very left.

Love this!!! Good spirit about them. This has really helped them get motivated more.

Pep talk before the game. Coach Joel gave a good one. Some kids were scared about getting hurt. He told them to do the best they could and do what they've been taught these last few weeks.

First kick-off.

GAME BEGINS: Seriously within the first minute of the game, we score a TOUCHDOWN!!! It was awesome! Shook took the ball and ran it the whole way, about 50 yards without getting tackled! We all went crazy!! I would have had a picture but it turned out really blurry.  :(
T.J.'s on the defensive line. He's out there blocking right now. He was blocking center.

T.J. is right there in the middle blocking. The saddest thing happened on this play. It was seriously within the first 3 minutes of the game. Shook, who had just scored our touchdown, was running down field with the ball and got tackled. Not just tackled, but they held onto his right arm and somehow he came down on his left elbow and broke it pretty bad. At first they thought it was just dislocated, but after x-rays they saw how bad it was. He had surgery that day and had a pin and screw put in. He gets his cast in 2 weeks, and has to wear it for 6. Poor kid. He's out the rest of the season now. You could see as he and one of our coaches was walking off the field that his elbow was pretty messed up. 

The medic vehicle until the ambulance could get there. They have EMT's on scene at every game. The kids who were on the side lines watched in shock as they helped Shook. They hooked him up to an IV and gave him pain meds fast. Jared went over to the players and reminded them to pay attention to the game. He told them "Let's win this for Shook. Now get out there and make they pay for doing this to him."

Poor kid. Once the pain meds kicked in he told his dad he was feeling better and wanted to get back out there.

T.J. did awesome!!! They all did. They hit hard, blocked well, and really worked well as a team.

Half time. They got watermelon.

We were so impressed with T.J.'s blocking. He did so well. He knocked over the center almost every time. He got knocked over once, but jumped up and ran to block some more like he was supposed to. We were so happy with how well he did.

T.J.'s team ended up scoring 2 more touchdowns and we won 21-0!!!! It was AWESOME!!!!!!

The coaches couldn't have been happier with them. We all were. The coaches later told T.J. he was the fumbler out there. 3 different times when we were on defense, Bingham's center (whom T.J. was blocking) would hike the ball, T.J. would immediately hit him and knock him into the quarterback, causing him to fumble the ball almost every time!! They said T.J. was one of the reasons Bingham didn't score!! Way to go T.J.!!!

Carrie, Clare, Heather, Teegan, and Kai, and also Jared's cousin Dallen, his wife Whitney and their cute baby Remington came to watch. Dallen used to play in high school and said he'd love to come watch T.J.

T.J. loved it! He said playing that was so much fun. Oh, he's so cute!

We stayed after to watch Brodie play his game. T.J. was so hot so he sat under this tree most of the time.

T.J. loved when Brodie came over to the sidelines. He'd only get to talk for a sec but they are so excited to be playing. It's so cute to listen to them talk. Brodie's team ended up loosing 0 to 7.

Afterwards we had to stop for Slurpee's to celebrate. Plus, cool us down. What an awesome game it was!!! I love this whole football thing. I love the spirit about it. And watching all those cute boys out there!

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