Friday, August 19, 2011

T.J.'s Practices...

I am really impressed with T.J. and how far he's come with 3 weeks of football. He's hitting harder, running faster, and understanding everything so well. He really likes it. The hardest part is having practice every day, plus school, and homework. Football and school have become his life. He has no time for anything else. He's happy it gets him out of scouts, but it doesn't leave any room for down time. Once games start though, it will go down to 3 practices a week plus games every Saturday.
Our practices got moved to the field by our library in Riverton. It's still about the same distance. I like being right by the library because the boys can go check out books and read while we are right there, plus stuff gets turned in now so hopefully no more overdue fines.
Here's some pictures and movie clips from this week's practices...

Watching from the side lines. See how close we are to the library.

What we do during some of the practices.

My favorite thing to watch!! T.J. is like this solid, steady steam train that comes busting in. He's doing really good at this. He doesn't run the fastest, but he's got the power to make up for it.

So very thirsty. They have to take their helmets off to get drinks so they can cool off a little more.

They played their first scrimmage game yesterday against another B team. Our team CREAMED them!!! That's when Jared was really impressed with our coaches. He could see just how much more work and training our boys get. I love our coaches. They are so upbeat and positive for these boys. Plus, they are very organized. We start right on time, each coach knows exactly what they are doing, and we end right on time.

Jared giving tips from the sideline. I wish so bad he could have coached this year.

Coach had every kid take turns on each play giving each member an equal chance to play.

T.J. was not afraid to hit this team. He was definitely more aggressive. I think he isn't as much with his own team because he doesn't want to hurt them. T.J. is right in the middle. He has just a touch of green on under his jersey.

I love this picture even though you can only see part of it.

Warm ups today. One of the coaches kid is helping this year train ours. He was playing last year and got his head cracked so he can't play this year. (Scary!)
Jumping Jacks. They call them Wolf Jacks for the Riverton Wolves.

T.J. has been so excited for this practice!! His team was playing a scrimmage game against Brodie's!!!! That's T.J. blocking Brodie! They had it set perfectly so he could block him! He was so excited.

T.J. blocking Brodie.
And again.
And again. Both T.J. and Brodie are good at blocking. T.J. came out and said, "Brodie's a lot easier to block then I thought he would be." I said, "Ya, cause you've got 50 lbs. on him." Haha!
They did good against this team. We tied them. I think we could have done better but our team didn't seem to have their hearts there tonight. Probably cause of the heat and humidity today. It's been a hot one. So glad we moved to this park with more shade for everyone.

Jamie, Cherie and Jim came to watch this scrimmage.

More water.

I love this football!! I don't understand it very well but I can see myself getting very hooked on it. I'm already cheering at these scrimmages! It's so cute watching these boys out playing real football. I love hanging out with our boys. I'm so glad we had 3 right in a row. I love boy stuff. I love boys period!

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