Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Making Sauce

I LOVE to cook. Most people look at me like I'm crazy when I say this, but I really do. And when I say I love to cook, I mean those types of dishes that take hours to make because of the many steps, and the awesome flavors that come out of it. It's a science to me. I love taking something and making it better.
One of my favorite things to make is spaghetti sauce. Our friends that we used to do rodeo with are Italian. And every Sunday this spaghetti was their family dinner. For years when they had extra spaghetti left over, they'd call us or Jared's dad and tell us to come get some. And you better believe we'd rush right over. It was like a contest between us and Jared's family to see who got the spaghetti. It's that delicious!!
So one day I got smart and decided I wanted this recipe, hoping Freida would share it with me. And she did!! I was so excited to make this. It takes me 2 and a half hours to make this, and 4 hours of simmering, but it is so worth it! Besides spaghetti, we also make extra meatballs and use some sauce for meatball subs. Oh so yummy!!
I made this sauce today. It's a great recipe to make and put into smaller dinner size bags and in the freezer for future dinners. And with football practice every night, I need something I can just throw together fast.
First we start with this huge thing of tomato sauce. And that's not all I put in. I do two more smaller cans, plus two cans of tomato paste, plus water. I told you this makes a lot of sauce.
Fry this all up and that's what gives the sauce that good flavor. Mmmmm!

Add in some spices.

Some chicken.
And 56 meatballs.
And simmer. This big pot is almost full of the most delicious smelling sauce! Simmer for 4 hours on low or it will burn with all the meatballs on the bottom.
With sauce this good, it's no wonder there's no leftovers. And spaghetti leftovers are the best!

I love this sauce. It's time consuming, but so worth it.

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  1. YUMM-O! I think I could use this recipe. Marlene's a big cooker too so send it her way and mine. :)