Thursday, February 2, 2012

Just My Luck

Lately I've had problems with a back tooth. Let's just say I HATE anything to do with teeth and going to the dentist. I'm a baby and I'm not afraid to admit it. So I've been putting this visit off. But this morning I knew something had to be done. I woke up with a swollen cheek and lots of pain. Not fun! So I finally broke down and called my dentist.

Even though I hate going to the dentist, I love mine. Dr. Baugh is awesome! He treats everyone just like he'd want to be treated at the dentist and it shows. I'm just a big baby cause I started out with Satan as a dentist and have never forgotten that experience as a child.

They took an x-ray and I knew something was up. My dentist and his assistant stopped and studied that thing for five minutes. Not a good sign. Then I hear, "Wow, I hardly ever see this..." Another bad sign. He said my tooth is cracked. And not just cracked, but laterally cracked. Meaning the crack doesn't run up and down, it's almost fully across. Great. Seriously, if something unusual is going to happen that the doctors and dentists don't often see, it has to involve me! (Just like when I blew out my knee. Most people tear their nerve endings away with an injury like that. But not me. Mine stay in tack so I can feel every single ounce of pain. Again, my doctor says he never sees that happen. Or when I had my wisdom teeth taken out. One of them had a root connected to my jaw bone. In order to remove it they had to break part of my jaw bone. See what I mean?)

So here's the plan. No root canal. I've already had one on this particular tooth. If the crack isn't completely all the way through, they might be able to save it with a root canal. But the dentist is thinking it might be. Best thing is to just remove it. And to do that, I get to visit an Oral Surgeon and have a small surgery done. Hopefully the tooth doesn't break in half as they remove it, otherwise they have to cut into my gums to find the rest. But, like I said with my luck, it probably will. So here's to a weekend on antibiotics and worrying about the procedure. At least he checked the rest of my teeth and found no cavities, right? Can't wait til this next week's over and I'm on the mend from this.

And no more eating whole hard foods. I cracked this eating a whole almond. Granted it was an unusually hard one, but it broke it none the less. From now on I'll be chopping my almonds before hand.

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