Saturday, February 4, 2012

Our Dream...

I finally got pictures of that favorite farm of mine. Cody and I were on our way home when I saw the hawks flying about. And since I had my camera, I pulled over as fast as I could to grab these shots.
I love this shot. I look at this every time I drive past.
 So peaceful.
The first of two hawks. I see him sitting in this tree so many times as I drive past.
It's so beautiful watching them fly around.

Love these big sprinklers.

I don't know what it is about these sprinklers that pulls me in. I love them. I guess it's the kind of life style that comes with it that I find so intoxicating. Jared and I dream of the day we can have a big farm to raise hay and cattle on.

At one time... about five years ago... this farm was up for sale. Boy I tell you, we dreamed of buying this for months. Talked about where our house would go, what kind of hay we'd raise, and such. But we didn't have 1.5 million dollars at the time.
You know... just pocket change.

Love these Western Skies. Love the snow caped mountains in the background. Love the field full of hay that's resting until spring when it can begin to grow again. Love the huge power lines in the background. Love the hawk leisurely flying about. Love the sprinklers. Love the country lifestyle.


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