Thursday, February 9, 2012

My Good Boy

Hunter got a desk from our cute neighbor (Mr. Blaine Perry) last summer. He was so excited. Hunt's favorite thing to do is play school. So to add a desk along with his papers and such was a dream for him. I've let him have that desk out in the living room since we got it (I know I'm a push over. No comments please.). He sits in that thing every day! Playing school, doing homework, and such. Last night I finally told him we need to move that out. He either needs to clean his room and put it in there, or it's going into the basement until he does. Guess what he did?! He cleaned his room! And not just an area of about 2 feet by 2 feet, he cleaned almost the whole thing. He was so excited. I couldn't even get him to eat dinner. He'd tell me, "Nope, I've got to clean. This is so fun!" Seriously, where did this come from? Usually it's his brothers that do all the cleaning while he makes up excuses why he can't. All he ate for dinner was a small piece of chicken and some milk.

He was so excited to move his desk in there. And then do his homework on top of it! We'd lost his homework all week (that's what happens when mom is working and they have to be in charge of their stuff). But luckily we found it. He sat at his desk and did the two whole packets while singing! He loved it! And then filled out all his Valentine's for school. He was in the best mood. It was so cute to watch. Hope this thought of "cleaning is fun" continues. It sure made my night.

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