Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I Love...

I am so in love with The Pioneer Woman and her fun blog thepioneerwoman.com and tv cooking show on Food Network. Let's just say this... her and I have a lot in common. (She also thinks everyday should be chocolate day. I so agree with that!) And watching her show with Jared in the room confirms it. He was constantly saying, "She's exactly like you!". Maybe that's why we get along so well. Ok, in my make believe world we get along great. In reality she doesn't know who I am. But still, I'm very faithful to her blog and show. And that just might pay off for me one day. You know, when she decides she really wants to meet me and invites me and my cowboys to her ranch to meet her and her cowboys/cowgirls.

I can't wait for that day.

For her Valentine's post this year she wrote a list of things she loves and encouraged others to make one, too. And since we are like twins, I have to do one as well. Honestly, I really like this idea. Probably because I'm not one to get all mushy about Jared and our love saga. Ha, ha! Besides, I'm too considerate to make you sit and read through that. And, I would never write that anyways cause that's just not me. Give me real life. That's more interesting anyways.

So here's my Valentine's Day list. And don't mind all the mentions of food. I'm a food-aholic and not afraid to admit it. Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

I LoVe...
Photo taken Aug. 2011
-This guy.

Photo taken Oct. 2009
 -My Cute Lil' Cowboys.

-Trucks. And I mean a serious truck. Not one of those stupid looking one's city folk buy.
-Bulls and Horses.
-Chicken Chow Mein.
-Tacos. (Me and T.J. both!)
-Law and Order: Special Victims Unit
-Date night with Jared
-Jared's arms and shoulders. He has some serious muscle.
-Fields of hay.
-Big Sprinklers that water those fields of hay.
-Snow. It makes everything look so beautiful and sure brings out the kid in everyone.
-Diet Coke.
-Texas Stars. I have a bazillion all over my house. Jared's banned me from buying more. So I have my mom get me those as presents. Ha!
-Chaps. Especially on my Cowboys.
-Watching Jared shoe horses. He's so dang good at it! And cute, too.
-The way I feel after lifting weights with my cute CPT.
-Trains. I have a serious addiction to these.
-Hot Dogs.
-Cowboy Hats.
-Anything that has to do with Fall.
-Walking through leaves on the ground and hearing them crunch under foot.
-My Testimony.
-Hay. (As long as I don't touch the grass hay. Apparently I'm allergic. Makes me break out in hives.)
-Doctors and modern medicine.
-Gas at the Oral Surgeon's Office. Almost knocks me out cold. And I need that!
-Freedom and living in America. Especially living so close to Camp Williams that I can hear and feel the house shake when they practice their bombing. So fun!
-Summer nights.
-Newly painted walls.
-Military Aircraft.
-BBQing with Jared. Most especially Tri Tip, Pork Butts, Steak, Chicken, and Brisket.
-Mexican food.
-Spicy foods.
-Good food in general.
-Bike rides with my boys.
-Spring... all the tulips, daffodils, baby animals, green grass, leaf buds popping out on trees, and warmer weather.
-The Gospel.
-Taking pictures and recording our life through them.
-Cruel Girl Pants.
-Corn on the Cob.
-The book "The Help". Love it!
-Cowboy Boots.
-Wranglers on my cute cowboys.
-T.V. show "Friends".
-Chinese food.
-Sunday dinners with the fam. 
-Family History.
-My camera (a.k.a. another best friend of mine.)
-Laughing, jokes, and having fun.
-Wyoming. More specifically Jackson Hole, The Tetons, and Yellowstone. My favorite place ever!
-Curly Hair. (Thank goodness.)
-Peanut Butter Bars.
-And last but by far not the least.... Our Family and knowing I can be with them forever.

Ah, my BleSsiNGs in life. So very thankful for these.

~Jenn The Great

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