Saturday, February 4, 2012

Hooking Up the Fjords...

Clare has these cool horses at his house right now. They are called "Fjords" and are from Norway. They look like mini Draft Horses. Clare got them from someone living in Bluffdale. He's taking care of them until the owners sell them.
These horses are broke for only one thing... pulling a wagon. Jared tried last Saturday to put a saddle on them and ride with the boys, but they didn't like it very much. The horses didn't buck my boys off (phew) but they acted up and didn't know the first thing to do with someone riding by saddle. So Clare got the wagon from the owners as well. If he's going to have these horses, he might as well have some fun with them, right?!
He had Jared hook the horses up to the wagon with him. Then the pulled around the kids in the yard for a short ride to test it out.
 Aren't they good lookin' horses?! Their manes are awesome with the two different colors mixed in.
 Look how big these horses really are. Jared is 6'2". Does that give you an idea?
 Cute kids having fun.
 For our "test drive", Clare stayed in the yard driving from the house out to the barn and back.
 I think it's safe to say the kids were having fun.
 My cute Cowboy.
 Carrie enjoying a ride as well. I didn't get on this time. Someone had to take some pictures.  :)

A fun little ride around the yard. The horses did pretty well. You can tell they haven't done much of anything but eat and poop. And having the wagon was fun. It's a weird set-up with hooking the horses on but they made it work.

Fun times at Grandma & Grandpa Morse's.

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