Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Good Sunday

I love Sundays like this...

My boys getting ready for church so we are on time.

Then playing with their cute cousin Kai during Sacrament Meeting while trying to be quite.

Then Hunter wanting to bare his testimony during fast and testimony meeting and really DID IT this time!! So cute.

It must have been the Morse Family Testimony day cause five of us got up. (I should mention Jared's family lives in our ward, too.) First it was Jared. He gave a powerful testimony. He always does. Had the bishop crying. Then when he sat down, Hunter told him he wanted to get up and "bury" his testimony. So they practiced what to say. And after Hunter started walking up & turned around two different times and came back (the shyness gene started kicking in) he went up!!!!! He had to wait for a few kids to go before him and then it was his turn. Jared and I were so nervous for him, but excited. You could barely see his cute head above the microphone. He said, "I want to bare my testimony. I know this church is true. I'm thank you for my family. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen." And then he walked/ ran back down. He gave us a big hug and said "I love Sundays now!" I had already felt like I needed to get up, and seeing Hunter go and what he said after, I knew I had to. (In between Hunter and I, Clare and Heather got up.)

I have never felt I needed to get up and bare my testimony more then I had today. I was afraid if I didn't get up, my heart was going to beat so fast I'd end up with a heart attack. So I did. And I have to throw in... I'm the type that doesn't do this hardly at all. Pretty much the only time I do is if I have to speak in church for something. (Again, the shyness gene thing.) So this was huge for me. But so much has happened lately that I knew this was one of the only ways I could thank Heavenly Father for it.

So many blessings have happened lately. So many questions and prayers have been answered in the last two months. A lot of it has to do with our new bishop. I love this man. I have no doubt he moved here because he had to be our bishop. (He lived here in our ward for only a few months before he was called. Oh, and he's married to my second cousin on my Grandma Kenison's side. Her mom was a Thacker and is my Dad's cousin. Small world.) He's become good friends with Jared. And Jared works with him now as well at the body shop until he finds a personal training job (last year there were tons of these jobs. This year... nothing.) He is a great guy. And very spiritual. And fun. He's helped our ward so much already. He was an answer to one of my prayers.

Another answer came as I got to church today. The lady in our ward who owns the flower shop asked if I could come work all week this week helping with Valentine's Day. After talking with her it was as if someone was saying to me, "You can get your tooth taken care of now." I've been so worried how we'd pay for my lovely little surgery I have to have. We don't have dental insurance. And Friday I found out it's going to cost more then I'd thought. They might even be putting me out for it. So knowing this, I didn't start my antibiotics in case I had to wait to have this done. But now, I'm ok. And the boys are in school right now which helps even more so I can work during the days. Receiving that answer is what started the feeling of needing to bare my testimony in the first place.

And finally, another young man in our ward whom I had in my Sunday school class got his mission call this week. Jared and I are so excited for him. I used to teach the 17 and 18 year olds in Sunday school. When I got that calling, I felt an overwhelming responsibility at teaching this. This class is one of the last Sunday school classes these Young Men have before they go on their missions. It's so important these kids learn the gospel now. I loved this class. I love the Youth anyways. I've served in Young Women's for years and loved it. So to be able to have the Young Men as well, was even better. And it's been amazing to see where these kids have ended up in their lives. Many went on missions, girls went to college, and one even became my sister-in-law (Jaimi). I taught this class for a year and a half before I was called to be Secretary again in the Primary. That was my favorite calling I've had so far. And I miss it. And every time I hear of a mission call, or other good news, the spirit is there because I'm so happy for them. And I love it.

I love blessings. I love receiving answers to prayers. It's not on our time schedule, but the Lord's. And even though it's hard at times when you feel like the answers aren't coming, when it comes on Heavenly Father's time, receiving those answers then are even better. They usually follow life lessons learned. Some we may not ever want to go through again, but that makes receiving the answer even better. I love the gospel. That in itself, is a blessing.

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