Friday, February 10, 2012

Playing Florist

This week, (minus Monday because of strep), I helped at my neighbor's flower shop for Valentine's Day. I love roses, so Valentine's Day arrangements are right up my alley.

(Of course, the first couple days are just getting the vases ready. We green them for hours. That part isn't so fun. It's wet, cold, and messy with whatever they put on the greens to preserve them. I should mention we work in a shop that's about 48 degrees on a warm day. Have to keep it cold so the flowers stay fresh longer.)

 Love roses when they are in bunches like this. This was only 75 roses.
(We went through hundreds of roses.)

Love these white roses. Can't remember the name of them right now cause of a brain cramp (which happens too often!), but they are something like Vendella. I had these at my wedding. They look so creamy. They remind me of white dinner mints. And they do smell yummy!

 Part of the shop filled with flowers. And this wasn't all of it. Another section was to the right of me but I didn't take a picture. And another shipment was coming later.
I don't think people really realize how many flowers shops go through during holidays. It's insane!
 A birthday arrangement I had to do in between roses.

 6's. Or half dozens. Whatever you want to call them. I did so many of these.

 I have a love affair with these flowers. Love Gerbera Daisies!!!! Made up 18 of these in under an hour.

12's or Dozens. I did a bunch of these, too.

 I miss working at the flower shop at times. Holidays are crazy but are fun at times as well. I miss the smell of just walking into the shop. It smells ever so good! When I come home from my neighbors shop, Jared says I smell so good and that he even misses that! (How cute is that! Seriously!) So it's nice that I can help every now and then for holidays and get my flower fix. And sometimes a wedding here and there working from home. There is something so magical about flowers. I am always is awe of their beauty.

What the shop looks like after a hard days work. Boxes and boxes of floral arrangements to be delivered. My neighbor makes up arrangements and sells to different markets from local, all the way up to Wyoming. It's a very busy little shop. And it's right down the lane from my house.

It's nice to only take one minute to get to work.

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