Thursday, March 24, 2011

A highlight of the last couple days at our house....

Spring is definitely here. And the boys know it, too. They couldn't wait to get out in their sandbox to dig a huge pond and fill it with water, even thought they KNOW they aren't supposed to do this! 
At least their clothes stayed on this time. I know our neighbor's have probably seen more than they've wanted to at times. (Embarrassing!) 
The boys love when they play in the sand and all the puppies come out to play, too. This little puppy that is sitting with Hunter is such a sweetheart! She is constantly wanting to be held or just be with us. She sat perfectly content on this track hoe with Hunter while he dug. She's is such a cutie!
Cody is always building tunnels or "homes" in the sand for the puppies. The boys decided they needed this pond for the puppies to play in. After hearing that the poor puppies could drowned in there, and then watching a few of them come to see what the boys were doing and falling in, the boys were convinced and turned the water off. (Apparently I need puppies all year long so I don't have the water in the sand all the time. Not to mention the lovely soaked clothes that have sand all stuck to them.) We'll see how long this lasts with no water in there.

Cute puppies! (And boys!) They are 4 and a half weeks now. They're really staring to get their color now.

We got our first green egg! Our araucana chicken that Frank from across the street gave us is FINALLY laying! Jared is pretty excited! It's really bugged him that our chickens haven't been laying. We've only been getting one egg a day for a while. (You know Jared and his obsession with his chickens!)
Hunter's cat "Bandit" came back. She's a funny cat. She leaves home for about a month or two then decides to head home and hang out here for a while. I have no idea where she takes off to, but Hunter loves her and misses her when she's gone. We wish she'd stay around. She's the best hunter we've ever seen. She catches birds as they fly by her, and she's even pulled a small catfish out of the ditch before! And the water in our ditches runs fast so you know that's got to be tough for a cat. She's a crazy cat, but we love her!
Our other obnoxious cat with Hunter. I had to throw this picture in. Doesn't she look completely annoyed at being held right now?! She's a very pretty cat but so annoying! She became very lonely when we got rid of our kittens last year. Now she likes to sit at the back door and meow for us to play with her. And it's not a cute meow. She has the loudest, deepest meow of any cat I've seen. And she loves attention. She'll stand right in front of you as you walk so you trip over her. Seriously, it's a good thing she's so pretty. Jared actually likes her for this. (And he hates cats.) She drives me nuts!
I hung up the pants to dry outside!! Know what that means? It's finally warming up outside! And yesterday was also the first day the puppies ran up to me and wouldn't leave me alone. I love that! They always do that when I'm hanging clothes out to dry. They love to attack my shoes or bite my pants. It's so cute. 
Our cute baby goats. They are a week and a half now, almost 2. They're starting to get out of the pen now and dance around. I love baby goats.
Our fish in the horses water trough. We had 5 in there until Jared killed 3 of them last year. These two have almost died many times. Jared forgets to keep the water high enough so they can live. Oops!
We had Blue & Gold Banquet last night. I'm glad I took my camera. T.J. and Brodie helped with the flag ceremony and then they signed the Pledge of Allegiance. It was pretty cool.

T.J. getting his award he earned.
Dinner afterwards. They served hawaiian haystacks. Yummy!
Can't wait for the next pack meeting.... the PINEWOOD DERBY!!!!

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  1. I am so jealous that you have goats. We just got our very first batch of chickens. They don't have an official coop yet, cause Jared's work is driving me crazy and he doesn't have time. So they're currently living in my fenced off garden area. Which means I can't plant my garden yet, because the little buggers eat it all. But I really do want a goat, they're so cute!