Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day has always been fun around our house. Every year the boys look forward to setting their traps to catch a leprechaun and finding people who aren't wearing green to pinch them. Yesterday, they worked on their traps. T.J. built his own, while Cody shared his with Hunter. T.J. was determined to catch the little bugger. He made sure the rock he put on top was heavy enough to trap him in. Cody decided he didn't want to catch the leprechaun, but instead built him sort of a hotel where he could come and go as he pleased. They both put out green food they thought the leprechauns might like... peas and celery. The traps were set!

The boys were so excited to see if the leprechauns came that they woke up an hour early. But before we went out, T.J. ran over to me as fast as he could and piched me. Next year I need to wake up extra early to make sure I'm dressed before they wake up!! We all hustled outside. Guess what... he came!! We walked out to see that T.J.'s trap had been knocked down, with that heavy rock on the ground. He got away! But we did find some treasures. He left little gold wrapped candies on the ground and on the walk way to the hotel. Yum! Plus, he left a trail of what appeared to be some kind of glitter that shimmered all around the traps. And, yes, he did eat some of the snacks the boys left. It was a little disappointing the leprechaun got away, but him leaving some fun treats made it a little easier to handle. Oh, and the boys found 2 tiny footprints from him!
Looking for footprints.
There they are!!
The other day we were at Shopko when I looked over and saw Hunter dancing with this St. Patrick's Day hat thing on. Hunter is obsessed with dancing and he loves to pretend he has long hair and dance like a girl. I about died when I saw him dancing in the store. He cracks me up! We bought the hat just so I could get a picture of him and a movie of his dance.  (The dance in the store was MUCH better! He didn't know I was watching.)

For dinner I usually turn our food all green. This year I made breakfast sandwiches with homemade biscuits, and bacon, egg, and cheese. The plan was to have green biscuits and eggs, but silly me, I forgot to buy green food coloring so I barely "tinted" the biscuits with what coloring I had left. Oh-well, it's the thought that counts right? Holidays are fun anyways when kids are involved, whether the food was as green as I wanted or not. (But next year I will have green food coloring on hand!) Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!!
(Sad! You can't even tell by this picture there was any green food coloring in there. I put 3 drops in, I promise!)

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