Tuesday, March 15, 2011

So. Jordan Museum Field Trip

Holy cow, I can't believe how time can get away from me. This last week we have been SO busy I haven't had any time to dedicate to blogging. But there's something I've been wanting to post.

Last Tuesday I helped out with T.J.'s scout group. We went on a field trip to the So. Jordan museum (used to be the old library). This is the coolest museum ever!! It's all about So. Jordan... the first settlers, how the city was back in the 1800's, some of the famous people that have come from there, and so on. My Grandpa Holt (my mom's dad) and all his family is from So. Jordan. In fact, it was my great-great grandpa, Matthew Holt, who was one of the first settlers in So. Jordan. Shortly after the pioneers got to Utah, Brigham Young told Matthew he needed to settle somewhere out around So. Jordan. So Matthew and his young family packed up and headed southwest. Their first house was a one room dugout along the banks of the Jordan River. Eight people lived in this small one room house that only had a wood stove and one small window. Included in those eight poeple was another family who also lived with them. This museum has built a replica of this dugout. I had to get a picture of my boys standing in front of what their great-great-great grandpa's first home in So. Jordan looked like. They were amazed at what this tiny home was like. And the fact that it belonged to one of their grandpa's!!

Our great-great-great grandpa's house along the Jordan River banks in So. Jordan.

Once we got in the museum, we took a tour looking and learning about the first settlers of So. Jordan. They've built replica's of the old homes, the first store, the schoolhouse, and the old mine. It was so neat to see all this. The boys and I loved it. I can't wait to go back and be able to spend more time looking and showing the boys family members names on the walls. This was a fun field trip!!

The boys loved looking at this old car.

Learning about the buffalo.

The boys LOVED these little desks. Hunter couldn't wait until he could check out this tiny school. The highlight of this trip!

This is a blanket representing some of So. Jordan's history. On the bottom left, second from the top, is Aunt Mame's house (with her sheep of course!). My Grandpa Holt was born here and lived here his whole life 'til he married my grandma. Next to it on the right is the dugout my great-great grandpa lived in. And next to that is the purple church house. When Matthew Holt settled he built and lived in Aunt Mame's house. He owned many acres and ended up donating the land where they built this church. Matthew also ended up being bishop for 20+ years and his wife was the midwife. She'd deliver babies from the point of the mountain to Murray area. She'd only charge one dollar for her services and if the family's were very poor, she'd pin that dollar on the pillowcase of the babies tiny bed.
My mom went to Bingham High School, and I remember when they built the Jordan River Temple, even though I was only 3 when they dedicated it. I've always loved So. Jordan. I love the history of it within my family roots. I LOVE family history!!

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