Friday, March 25, 2011

Jazz Fans!

We took the boys to meet Al Jefferson from the Utah Jazz this afternoon. Jared got a text from the Jazz... (he's very obsessed with them by the way! Sometimes he likes to pretend he's the coach as he yells at the tv during games. Don't tell him I put this on here... tee hee.) Anyways... he got a text saying we could meet Al Jefferson at some model home in Herriman so immediately we took off in search of this model house. And by the way.... I found it... all by myself! Ha! I heard whereabout it might be and drove to it! Anyways... (sorry, got distracted again) we got to meet him. The boys were super excited! But acted a bit shy once we got to meet him. He signed T.J.'s basketball, a Jazz flag that T.J. gave to Jared for christmas last year, and some pictures of him for us. I had T.J. wear his Jazz hat so Big Al could sign that, too, but T.J. forgot. Can you believe that! That's twice now he could have had that signed... once from Big Al and then once from head coach Jerry Salone. (We saw him at Walmart the day T.J. bought his hat. Jerry stopped just to tell T.J. he liked his hat... how awesome is that?! Especially to stop and talk to a kid!)
Waiting in line. They couldn't wait. (That's KFAN in the background. They were broadcasting their radio talk show live from there. We had to be kinda quiet when we went into the kitchen. Jared wanted to yell so he could be on their show.)
Doesn't Cody look happy? I love when he looks happy like that. Makes my heart smile.
Signing his picture for us.
He signed it 'Big Al'.
I made the boys promise me they'd let me take pictures of them. Thank you boys.  :)
They also give everyone free Papa John's Pizza (Yum!) and free coke. That's when we had to be quiet for the radio show. Trying to keep 3 little boys quiet is not always easy. Especially when Jared wants to yell. But they were good. That's 3 of the Jazz players we've met now. We're starting to get a good collection of signatures. I guess it's a good thing Jared loves the Jazz and gets texts from them so we can find out about the signings. Fun times.

P.S. We got 5 eggs today! Jared smiled when he heard this. Cody is back to his old job of collecting the eggs. He's our little farm boy.

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