Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Week in Review

We've had so much happen in this last week that I wanted to do a recap. Some fun times have taken place along with some exciting changes happening to our family. So here's a day to day list of what's happened:

*Sunday:  Sunday was my 2nd day as the new primary secretary in our ward. I'm excited to be in there with our boys. I was secretary before, but only T.J. was in primary and Cody was in Nursery, so I think the boys are happy I'm back. Today T.J. gave the opening prayer and scripture. This is big for him. He's so shy that doing this is really hard on him, but he did good. And Hunter was excited for primary today because his birthday was in 2 days so he was going to be sung to and receive his scripture bag. When they called him up they asked him if his birthday was on Tuesday. He looked confused, shook his head and said, "No, it's in 2 days." It took the adults a minute to get that. I couldn't help but laugh. :) And Cody was just his cute self that day. I didn't realize until primary was almost over that he'd done up his own shirt and had mismatched the buttons with the holes. He's so cute. So independent! I realized today how much our boys are growing up!

*Monday:  Jaimi Summers text me early this morning to ask if I'd make and scrapbook their sign in book for their weeding in June. (Oh ya... she's marrying Trevor so she's going to be my new sister-in-law.) I was so excited she asked me to do this so I had to put it in. Trevor is like my brother so anything I can do to help him, I'm happy to do. Plus I LOVE to scrapbook!
I also had my first primary meeting this morning. It was 3 hours! Wow! I've been secretary before but so many changes have happened that I'm actually really nervous about this right now. I'm sure that will change over time.

*Tuesday:  HunTeR'S 6th BiRtHdAY!!! Hunter was so excited for his birthday he's been counting down the days since mid January. T.J. & Cody had school as usual so the day went a little differently then how we usually celebrate most birthdays. First, we ran across the street to Frank & Carolyn's house to get our new goat. They are so sweet to us, always giving us chickens or eggs, and now a new goat! Hunter was so excited for his present from them. He first named her "Skidds" and then decided on "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" or "M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E". But we call her "Skidds".
Then for lunch, because Hunter is our meat eatin' kid, he had a meal of 6 big chicken tenders and Diet Coke (also his favorite! Don't worry, he didn't eat all the chicken at once. He just wanted 6 pieces 'cause he's six now.) Hunter went to school after lunch and came home wearing a fun birthday hat. He played for a while with one of his best friend's ~ Oaklie Kent ~ and then it was time for his birthday party. We had my family, Jared's family, Grandma Butterfield, and Tira, Dave & girls come. We opened presents, had cake, ice cream, pop & popcorn, and then hung out and played. Hunter also put on a concert singing 2 Sugarland songs for everyone. He couldn't wait to have his Mickey Mouse/Sugarland party! Hunter got a surprise visit from his other best friend ~Savanna Drury ~ when she brought over some brownies for him. So cute! He had a fun birthday!
Also... something exciting came in the mail today for Jared. Last week Jared signed up to become a Certified Personal Trainer through ISSA in California, and today his books came! I am so excited for him! Jared loves working out and lifting weights and has thought about doing this for a few months now. And now it's happening! This is going to be so good for him. With being a farrier and with this cement business he's going to do with my borther Jim, he's always really slow with work in the winter. But with becoming a CPT he'll have good work all year long! Wahoo!! It's a pretty intense course. He has 33 quizzes online and 1 final test at SLCC that is anywhere from 3 to 8 hours long. His text book is over 700 pages, and then there's work books that also go along with it. He has 8 months to complete the course. We're pretty excited!

                                                            Loves Mickey Mouse!!

                                                            Hunter's Concert!
                                             Hunter and Savanna (Possum).
                Hunter, Dad, and "Skidds" a.k.a. "Mickey Mouse"
                                                           Hunter and Oaklie.
                                                            Hunter's Feast!

Wednesday:  Jared took his first quiz on metabolism and got 100%!!

Thursday:  Every 1st Thursday of the month I help in Hunter's class. He loves it. Hunter is so cute to watch in school. He's a good student. He's made some really good friends in there. Everyone loves to play with him. And a girl in his class has even told me she has a crush on him. (I'm not surprised one bit!)  
                                                                                                                                                        Hunter's teacher Mrs. Tenney. (With the flower he gave her for Valentine's Day.)
Hunter and his friend from school ~ Payton.

Jared also had his Men's Regional Basketball game for Elder's Quorum tonight. This is the second time they've made it to region. Unfortunately they got killed - bad! The score was like 43 to 14. Poor team. They were missing some and another played with an injury so he wasn't at his best. But at least they made it.

*Friday:  Jared took his second quiz, this time on basic anatomy and physiology and got 100%!!!

                      Don't ya love Hunter's cleat's?! Or as Hunter calls cleats... soccer boots. He  always wears his boots with shorts. .

Giving "5" for a goal!!
Gotta love the cowboy boots with the shorts to go play soccer. Can't tell they're little cowboys at all, can you?!

                                                            Cody's such a good brother.
We took Cody and Hunter to the park to play soccer with Hunter's new soccer ball from his birthday. We are signing him for soccer next week with Possum. He is so excited to play! So for some practice, we headed to the park. We had so much fun, switching teams here and there, until at the end when I went to kick a goal and the ball popped up and hit Hunter right on the cheek. Oops! I felt so bad. He cried about 20 mins. I think it really upset him that his mom hit him in the face! Game over. We headed back home.

Saturday:  I have to throw this in. As I'm sitting here working on my blog, my boys are outside being their typical selves. They are out there building a fire to boil the 2 dead birds they shot. They are obsessed with shooting birds and boiling their skulls. (It all started when we started killing our turkeys and also when I got my bull head and we had to boil it many times.) I love my boys. They are so much fun. There is never a dull moment around here. They are true little country cowboys out to wrangle or shoot themselves some fun. We wouldn't have it any other way!

            My cute boys along with their best friend Brodie Kent. Hunter wanted to have his scarecrow head in the picture. Apparently, Cody had just found that in the ditch.

Once Teegan came over, they broke out the 4-wheeler. One of their favorite things to do is attach their old Gater to it so they can pull it fast behind, and sometimes jump it if they're brave enough. Had to get some video of this!

These boys are so funny to watch. They are so like little men. It's like you can see the wheels turning in their heads of the next big thing to come up with. I so love boys!

They also worked on their addition to their fort. They built this fort almost 3 years ago all by themselves with scraps they found around the yard. (Ok, Jared did help them put the window in, but that's it.) Slowly, they've been adding on to it. They sure love this fort. It's had christmas lights on it every year and one year they even cut a small christmas tree for it. Home away from home.

Life is never boring around here! It's been a fun week.

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  1. Jenn-I love your blog. I love it love it love it. I am so happy I can keep up on you guys this way. Lisa