Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Jared took his 3rd quiz today on basic anatomy and physiology and got 100%!! This was a hard section. It was about twice as long and so much information to study. I was surprised at just how into detail they went, especially on muscle tissue and the different parts to a bone. I took anatomy and physiology in college and I don't remember them breaking down all the different little things that make them up. But of course, he's going into personal training that deals with muscles, so he needs to know this. His book is also so detailed in the chemicals that  make up our muscles. It is so cool to learn from Jared exactly what our muscles are going through when we exercise them (or when we don't).  I feel like I'm in the class right along with him. I love talking to him as he's learning all this. He said I could study and take the test with him at the end. It only costs around $352 to take it. I think I'll just learn from Jared and stick with him taking the test.  :)

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  1. Jen! I love the blog. Looks great. You have such a cute family. Thanks for giving me the web address to see your blog. Keep it up!
    Katie (Blake) Gailey