Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Parent Teacher Conference for Cody

I had parent teacher conference yesterday with Cody's teacher - Joanne Wilcox. Cody is doing awesome!! He is getting straight 4's in everything (which is equivalent to all A's) except his handwriting. He gets bored with writing so he goes as fast as he can. But the really awesome news.... he's now starting to read on a 5th grade reading level!! And he's only in 2nd grade! We are so proud of him. He's our little brain! Mrs. Wilcox loves him. She says he's the best student. And Cody loves her, too. It's also fun to have her in our ward. He gets a little embarrassed to see her at church but he loves to say hi to her. She is so good for him. She's one of the best teachers in the district - always winning awards and grants for her class, especially in math. She pushes her students to go further but does it in a loving way to also teach them self confidence. And Cody needs that. He needs a good teacher who sees his academic ability and is willing to work with it. He can't take home the assigned reading books that the other 2nd graders are on so she allows him to find books at the school's library that are on his level. I love going to parent teacher conference for Cody. He tries his best in school and it shows! We are so proud of him!! 

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