Friday, March 25, 2011

Official Farrier

Jared just got home from shoeing. He's been up to This Is The Place Heritage Park trimming 10 horses there. He had it scheduled to trim 11 and shoe 1 but the snow was coming down so bad they decided to finish on monday. Jared just told me the guy there said he wants Jared to be their official farrier. How cool is that? And, when we want to go up there as a family, we can schedule to have a private tour of the place! Sweet!! I love that place. I've only been there once with Cody on a field trip. I love anything that has to do with pioneers so this is right up my alley. The next time Jared goes there to trim, I'm tagging along. He said today he had 10 horses all lined up and tied to the fence waiting for their turn to be trimmed, and Jared just worked his way down the line. Wouldn't that be a cool picture? I'm so excited for Jared. This is a good client for him. (And us!!) Can't wait for that tour!

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