Thursday, March 17, 2011

Parent Teacher Conference

I had parent teacher conferences for T.J. and Hunter today. I love my boys. They are all trying their best in school this year. What more can I ask for. Hunter is doing so good. Mrs. Tenney loves him and says he is the best one in her class - he's her favorite one because of this. She says he does whatever he's asked and is so polite. We need to work more with his sight words but he's doing great. He has really nice handwriting, too!
T.J. has made a big improvement again this year. I think it does him good to have teachers who push him. He's made the biggest improvement in reading out of his whole class. He's right where he needs to be on his reading level. And he's well behaved in class. We need to work more on his math. They've started division and that's been a struggle for him. But tonight we worked on it for an hour and he's getting it more. He did 13 problems tonight and got every one right. I think when it comes to math, he just needs a little more one on one. T.J. has realized this year that he needs school in his life. He's always hated school. He loves working with Jared and has the hardest time going to school when he knows dad is doing something cool for work that day. But he's seeing that things they teach you in school is something you need to know to be able to work some day. My brother Jim has helped a lot this year, too. He's promised T.J. a job with him in a couple of years, but in order to work for him, he's got to do his schooling. T.J. loves working with Jim, so this is an awesome incentive for him. (He'll be working around construction. Jim's already taught T.J. how to dig with the Track Hoe all by himself! My boy's growing up!) I still can't believe T.J.'s in 4th grade. Where does the time go?

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