Saturday, March 19, 2011

Welcome Spring!

I love days like today when there's that hint of spring in the air. Don't get me wrong, I love the snow. I love the beauty of it as it blankets the ground and trees in white. I love the stillness and that peaceful feeling being outside watching the snow fall. But I love that feeling of having made it through another cold winter and now it's finally time to time to warm up again. It's time to grow again. And it's time for baby animals again! Today has been one of those spring days. The weather was warm, despite the wind, but warm enough I could still wear a tee shirt.  
                                                                                                                                                                We spent quite a bit of time outside today. (I guess like always. We love being outside.) The boys had fun playing with our cute puppies. They are 4 weeks old now and are starting to walk outside of the doghouse and eat dog food. They are so cute! Our dog "Frog" had 10 puppies, nine survived. We love raising blue heeler pups and selling them. It's such a good experience for our boys. (Even though it's hard to sell them. We get pretty attached.)

So cute!!

T.J.'s spent the last couple of days cleaning his 4-wheeler. He usually covers it pretty well in mud so yesterday and today he's been washing, waxing, and shining the wheels. He, Cody and Hunter also shined up their bikes real nice. T.J. and Jared also started working on T.J.'s pinewood derby. He is super excited!! The race is the end of next month, so it's time to get going on that sweet car. He wants to paint it up like "General Lee" from Dukes of Hazzard. 

Today they got the sides of the car cut and glued together.

We decided to take the boys and go for our first bike ride of the year today. We loaded up and headed down to the river bottoms. We love riding down there. It's always so beautiful. I love the river bottoms in Bluffdale. They are still pretty wild. Quite often we see deer down there or see where they've bedded  down the night before. We find lots of ducks, pheasants, geese, and skunks, too. (Skunks used to scare Hunter to death! He hated the river bottoms for a long time because of them. He used to call them  "junks" because he couldn't say his S's.) 
We rode in on the trail a mile before we came to the Bangerter bridge. The Jordan River is running so full right now with the spring runoff. We've never seen it this high down there before. The river completely covered the trail going under the bridge. The water got to be about 7 or 8 inches deep over the trail in some parts. Jared could have rode through it but he didn't want to get his boots all wet. We let the boys ride through some of it where it was only about 3 inches deep. They had so much fun riding through the water. We stayed and played there about 20 minutes. T.J.'s chain came off right when he was in the deepest part so his feet got pretty wet. And Hunter couldn't stay out of the water. We wouldn't let him ride his bike in it because he's still pretty little, so he had to jump in it even though we told him not to get his boots wet. There's something about water the has boys having to get in it. Even Jared!

Isn't he just so cute!
Check out that river. It's usually about half that wide.

Deciding if they should ride through. Why not?!
He couldn't stay out of this water! I know those boots are going to shrink!

Cody was nervous but he loved riding through.
Jared found a way to get across riding on higher ground. He had to duck though so he could get through.

We've missed our bike rides. That's one of our favorite things to do together. Once we got back home we had a little BBQ. That's another thing we love to do... COOK! Tonight we BBQ'd chicken and covered it with homemade BBQ sauce. So Good! We had fried potatoes and grilled asparagus with it.

And during dinner we watched some more of "The Sacketts" movie. It's an old cowboy movie based on a Louis L'amour book. The boys have really gotten in to it. Hunter has learned to listen to the music to tell if something bad is going to happen. He warns us when that music starts playing.
All in all I'd say it's been a pretty fun day. I love hanging out with my boys. What more could I ask for. 

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  1. TJ is such a miny me of Jared hu? Cute blog, I love how your write Jenn! L