Friday, March 4, 2011

I never thought in a million years I'd start a blog. First of all, learning this whole computer/internet world is sometimes very frustrating for me. I remember taking one computer class in 8th grade and that's it. I started one in college and dropped it after the 2nd class because it was way over my head (and it was a beginner's class - how embarrassing!). Being married to Jared though has helped me a lot when it comes to the computer. He has taught me so much from setting up an email account, to a facebook page, to surfing the web, and to other areas like.... having somewhere to store and edit all my thousands of pictures!! That part of the computer I LOVE! Needless to say, creating a blog, especially all by myself, has been intimidating. I recently attended an enrichment class in my ward about starting a blog and all the benefits from them. My favorite... being able to turn this into a bound book for my shelves. I am all about journaling and remembering fun moments in life that define us, so to be able to have this blog printed into a book, I've decided to jump aboard the blog train. The title I've chosen ~ My Cute Cowboys ~ is very close to my heart. I have 3 young boys who are all cowboy. My life revolves completely around them, and my husband of course, so what better title to this blog could I have. My boys make my life so fun, so interesting and full of happiness and wonder. So this blog is dedicated to them, and also to myself and my husband ~ Jared. My ultimate goal through this blogging experience... remembering the fun moments in our life that show a glimpse of who we really are, the fun times we have as a family, and having another fun way of journaling our road trip we call life. Wish me luck!


  1. Oh Jennifer, you are a natural storyteller! It is a delight hearing about your darling family! I think blogs reveal who a person really is, in a big way. You are exactly what I've always known you to be--- honest, sincere, and truly happy. You are a joy. Keep blogging. This book will be a treasure for your family, and a delight for your friends to be invited on the journey.

    P.S. I love your profile! It's so likable it's perfect!

  2. Awesome!!! I'm so glad you've started blogging. I don't facebook much because my story is my story and I only want those I love to read it. I'm excited to really get to know your little family through your blog. It's different than facebook, blogging really does show the real you, and what you're all about. Good Luck! And know I'll be a regular reader.