Saturday, September 3, 2011

1st Official Game Against Bountiful

T.J.'s first official game against Bountiful. Boy was this game INTENSE! Here's the highlights of it....

Warm-ups. Hunter sat and watched from the sidelines and soon Cody joined him. I know they can't wait until they can play, too.

Once warm-ups were over, the team sat in what little shade there was to stay somewhat cool before the game. It was really hot.

Taking the field.

Doing their cheer before the game. One of my favorite things to watch.

Kick-off. We were the home team.

Jared helped with chains. He was so excited. Plus, he had a great view of the game.

Taking a small break for a drink.

T.J. on defense. He plays nose guard so he's right in the center there.

I love watching T.J. block. He does such a good job. He's the one who's plowed into Bountiful's player.

Watch T.J. block and throw down the other team mate. Sometimes T.J. makes blocking look so easy.

Isn't he so cute as a football player!

Half time.

Half time's over.

Shook came to our game. He got his cast a week early. Now they say he only has to wear it 4 weeks. He might be back to play even though he probably shouldn't just yet.

Jared had so much fun helping. T.J. loved it, too.

So cute!! Look at those short legs. Poor kid got them from me. Doesn't help him in running, but it's perfect for blocking. He can get lower.
Our team did awesome today!! We played Bountiful's second team, so technically they are just a bit better then us, but we really took them on. Especially the last 8 minutes of the game. We were up 14 to 13. All we had to do was hold them and we had this game. Well, guess what?! We did! You should have heard the energy coming from the parents. Every one's hearts were racing, and we were all cheering as we watched our boys hold Bountiful. They put T.J. in one the last defensive line to really hold them. He did great. Even tackled the kid who was trying to run with the ball. We were so proud of him! Our team won 14 to 13!!!!!!!!

Love seeing them as a team in their huddle. We are really blessed to have such great coaches this year. They build them up, never yell at them but still get loud to boost energy levels, and they get out there and have fun with them. Love it! Plus, it turns out, one of the coaches used to live in my mom's ward growing up. She babysat him and his dad was her bishop when she was on her mission. Then his dad became the patriarch of their stake and gave Jared his patriarchal blessing. Small world. T.J. thinks it's funny his grandma used to babysit his coach.

Jared gets along well with the coaches. He hung out with them before the game and some afterwards.

My cute football player. I LOVE this picture of him! We are so proud of him. He's doing great!

I LOVE football!!! I have never had so much fun watching a game! And for those of you who know me, that's huge! I was never really into football much cause I just didn't understand it. Well, going to practices everyday and listening to all the Dad's talk, I've caught on faster then I thought I would. Today was so much fun! I was on a high all day. And was so excited for next week's practices and game to come. I can understand why everyone loves a good football game now.

Go Silverwolves!!

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