Friday, September 9, 2011

Henry Goes To School

Ha ha, doesn't this sound like a title to a book? "Henry Goes To School", by Jenn Morse. Had to throw that in. Please keep reading. I promise I won't throw in my weird humor again.

Anyways.... The boys were so proud of this tarantula we found so they decided they needed to bring it for show and tell at school. We took it Wednesday morning to Cody's class after he got permission. And as it worked out, Jared didn't work until later so he could help bring it (And carry it!!!!) Once we got to school I went with Hunter to ask his teacher if we could bring it in their class, too. She immediately said no. Apparently she's terrified of those things. Hunter was so disappointed. He tried so hard not to cry. But he went off to class and was ok.

It went really well at Cody's class. The kids were all so excited to see him.

Cody got up and told what we learned about Tarantulas and how we caught him and played with him all day.

He did really good. He doesn't get too terribly shy when he has to talk like that.

The principal popped in the classroom at the right time and checked out Henry. He told the kids some things he knew about these spiders, too.

Then the kids came up in groups to check him out.

We told Bill Drury he was our volunteer to have Henry crawl on his arm. Ha ha! He didn't like that idea too much.
Doesn't Cody look so cute?! He looks so much like my Dad right there.

Friday I took Henry in to T.J.'s class. Yes you read that right... I took Henry. Jared had to work so it was up to me. When I went out to the garden to put Henry's cage in the truck, it was just my luck that Henry was very active at that time. He was crawling all over that thing! But I was being brave and did it!! (Very proud of myself!!!) Of course I held that cage out as far as I could. When I walked in the main doors of the school, one of the office ladies saw me and immediately stood up and said she'd be back when I left. Ha ha! Apparently there are a lot who don't like these things. I used to be one. I have to admit, he's really growing on me. They are so fascinating.
It went pretty good at T.J.'s class as well. T.J. is a lot shyer then Cody so he wasn't too happy about doing this and having to talk so I helped him out some. But he did good.

Turns out T.J.'s teacher had a pet tarantula once. So we all told what we knew about them.

Showing the class. There were quite a few in T.J.'s who hate these things. There's also 4 kids in his class from our ward. I think they were surprised to see what we have living at our house.

T.J. helped me carry Henry out. He's such a good boy.
(Had to wear his Jersey today. Game day Friday... most kids wear them to school. Love this.)

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