Friday, September 2, 2011

Short Day

My boys love short day at school. But who wouldn't?! Especially with all the football practice we've had, it's nice to get out of school and have 3 hours to relax before we have to go. Today Bill, Brodie and Oaklie came over to play for a bit. They haven't had a good rodeo with each other for a while so they geared up for one in the back yard.
If anyone knows Hunter, you know he's always the rodeo clown. When he was 4 years old he said he wanted to be a rodeo clown when he grew up. I made this costume for him one halloween when he was 3 and a half years old and he's played with it ever since. It's been one of his favorite things to wear. He was even in a clown act during a real rodeo in this along with his wig, hat, western shirt, and his face all painted up with marker. Looks like I need to make him a new costume. It was like he was wearing a mini skirt today. He has grown about 5 inches since I made this.

The boys took turns being the bull. Oaklie was the rider today. Cody didn't play today. He was too busy hammering wood together in the back.

Hunter's clown barrel. I can't believe he can still fit down in there.

Jared came home from shoeing to watch the rest of the rodeo.

Poor kid, he's out growing all his cowboy gear. Said it still fits though. (He's still in denial!)

My favorite part of watching them play. They all gather around us after and just talk. They are just like little grown ups. They sit and shoot the breeze about everything. I love that they aren't afraid to talk to us 'old people'. I'm glad my boys and their friends feel comfortable talking to Jared and I. I love these moments with them. These kids are growing up!

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