Friday, September 2, 2011

The Best Volunteering Job Ever....

This year with all my boys in school all day, I've signed up to volunteer more in their classes. I like doing this so much better then doing PTA. I love being right there in class to see exactly how they are doing in school. This year in Cody's class I got the best job. I come in every Friday and grade their spelling tests. I LOVE it. Don't get me wrong, I like working with the kids and all, but this is right up my alley. I love busy work like this. Cody's teacher~ Mrs. Melton~ has me just come in, find the book to record their scores,  get the stickers to put on after they are graded, and get to work. I just make my way around the classroom as I need to while doing this for her. She told me at the beginning of the year she needs someone whom she can trust to do this. Made me feel pretty good when she asked me to do this job.
When I got there today they were still testing so of course I had to get a picture of this. I remember in elementary school having to use those folders on the desks to test with so wondering eyes didn't see my answers (not that they were always right, hee hee).

Grading. Got the stack of tests, the grade book, the percentage chart, and stickers.

Cody got 100%!! He does so good with his spelling. He barely has to study and he aces it every time. Today they had a review test so there were 25 spelling words. I love leaving little notes on his tests. I do the same to his best friend Bill Drury who's also in his class. I can't resist.

Once I'm done grading I pass out the tests while they are all on the floor. She's usually reading to them but they did something different today. She's such a cute teacher. She does all the voices when she reads to them.

I love this job. Takes me about half an hour every Friday. I love that Cody has such a good teacher this year. In fact, all my boys do. Sometimes it's nice to just sit back and count little blessings like this.

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