Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Growing Up T.J. Style

It seems like the last year or so T.J. has really grown up. But you know what really makes it seem like he is? This...
T.J. no longer needs Dad to help him repair his bike. T.J. can put in new tubes, air it up, and even fix his chain if need be. Then he moves on to his brothers bikes and helps them with whatever needs fixed. He reminds me so much of my Dad. They both can fix anything. And if they aren't sure of how something works, they figure it out. Most of the time T.J. sits back quietly and just observes. I know the wheels are crankin' in his mind, figuring out how everything works. It started young. When he was almost two, he'd walk around and check out every hinge, wheel, etc. before he'd go play with other kids.

Doesn't he look so old?!

Look at this! He loves when my brother Jim lets him play on the skid steer or track hoe. T.J. was in heaven on Labor Day when Jim let him take a spin on this. He can drive this all by himself now. No more sitting on Jim's lap.

T.J. loves to dig. Jim helped guide him on running the controls so he could scoop up a load of pee gravel.

Jim's so good to these boys. And our boys sure love to play with Jim. They have a lot in common. Especially Hunter who's Jim's mini me. Haha!

It's crazy how old he's getting! At 10 years old he's already running machinery. It's amazing to watch T.J.. It's so fun to see how he puts together in his mind how something works and then to see he's right. He's one smart kid! Who's growing up way too fast!

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