Friday, September 9, 2011

Halloween Pillow

It's finished!!! Finally! I started this last year. Got all the hand stitching done, which I absolutely love! And then it sat. I'm still somewhat new to this sewing thing, so figuring out this pattern was a little more tricky for me. Turns out what I was making was a pillow case, and the pillow inside. So once I got this figured out, it was time to finish it for this year's Halloween.

It's huge! Roughly just longer than 3 feet by about 18 inches tall.

The witch and her sign were all hand stitched. These are my favorite kinds of projects. I love hand stitching something first then putting it all together afterwards. One of my favorite things to do at night to relax.
It's hard to tell but the black circles one the corners of the squares are tiny beads.

Isn't it so cute! I love the fringe at the ends. And I LOVE that orange material with the purple. Oh, I love Halloween!

The back of the pillow case. I love that material, too. Although the flash on the camera made it look a little lighter than it really is.

As soon as the boys saw it finished, they immediately started shouting, "I get to lay on it first!" Um, sorry boys. This thing is mine! So Hunter settled for a picture with it instead.

I love Halloween projects!!! Probably my very favorite holiday projects to create!

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