Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day Adventures...

On Labor Day we always spend the day with my family. This year Dad wanted to have a picnic up Yellowfork.
We took the Kabota along with Jim's truck up the canyon. You aren't supposed to have off-road vehicles up there. Good thing this is licensed for the road. We love driving this thing.

This is my kinda canyon. A place to tie up your horse if need be. I think all canyons should have these.

My brother John being his normal self. He does this every time he puts on a cowboy hat.

My sister-in-law with her new camera she got for her birthday. It's awesome!

Once a camera breaks out, they all break out. John got stuck taking the picture this time.

Us girls. And Hunter sneaking in.

We had a BBQ up there this year. Something easy and quick since Dad had to work in a few hours.

After lunch John and the kids hiked up the mountain a little ways. This was them at the top.

You can't tell how steep this hillside is from the picture but it's a pretty good short hike. They are in the clearing at the top.

John and Cody walking back together. Thought this was a cute picture.

Hunter picked flowers for Grandma.

Dad hasn't ever been to the end of Yellowfork so we went for a ride. It's only about 3 or 4 miles in and then it's fenced to keep the trails nice. It's a fun little ride up there.

Once we got back to the house, Jared and Jim dug up some sagebrush to plant at our house. I know, most people are probably wondering what we're thinking doing this, but we want our place to look somewhat wild like the mountains. Kind of the cowboy look.

Watering the sagebrush. Isn't he cute?!

Couldn't resist another picture.

On days like these the toys always come out. T.J. played on the skid steer scoopin' up pea gravel.

Hunter begged for the train. So once T.J. was done he rode with Hunter to teach him how to drive.

They are gettin' so big! Hunter did really good til he got comfortable. He'd pull up by us, then rev it up and take off. Stinker! He's my wild child for sure!!
I love that I can send the boys off down the road to drive these. I love where my parents live. It's so open and quiet. I never want to leave when I go up there.

Jim took me for a ride on his. Usually he goes a little crazy to scare us (ok, mostly Jamie) but he was nice to me today. Thanks Jim!

Cody's turn for the train.

Cody giving me a ride. I love this picture.

Made Jared take a picture with me. I liked this gate behind us with the fence post, so of course we needed a picture done!

Wrestling with Jim before we leave. One of the boys favorite things to do.

Planting the sage brush once we got back home. Jared is so excited for this. We've got quakies growing in the front now, too, since our trees are down. Just wish they grew faster. The house feels a little naked still since taking those trees down. Plus, we miss the shade so much.

Cody transferring our new friend "Henry" to his new home. Oh ya, we caught a tarantula today! In my parents garage!! (Another post will be coming soon with the advernture of Henry.) I can't believe I let him come home with us. It felt a little weird riding in the truck with him. Cody thought so, too. This cage is perfect for him. The holes are too small for him to fit, but good to climb on. Plus, it's perfect for the spider, creepy, look.

And finally, dinner at La Puinta. They have the best homemade tortillas chips. Yum!

All in all, I'd say it's been one exciting day. I love Labor Day. A relaxing day with the fam.

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