Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Shopping with Jared

Jared took the boys shopping this morning for my birthday. They had this little plan that Jared would pretend to take the boys to school but would sneak to Walmart first so the boys could buy me a present, and then check them in. I knew what they were doing, but the kids didn't know. And neither did Hunter, cause he'd tell me. So this morning I was playing with them a little, asking if they were riding their bikes to school. Hunter immediately said, "I am!" and Cody looked at him and said very strictly, "No you are not!" Hunter didn't end up going shopping with them anyways, he didn't want to miss school. I think it's because Oaklie came over to go to school with him. But he already has a present ready for me anyways... a Sugarland concert performed by him after school. Can't wait!

Jared said it was so much fun shopping with the boys for me. When they got there Cody said, "Let's check out the book section and see if they have an Erica Mopfield book". Jared looked confused and said, "Who?" Cody said, "Well, it's something Field." He meant Anita Stansfield. Haha! She's my favorite author. But Cody decided on something else. He wanted to look at the cameras to buy me a new one. He said, "I have a $150 dollars so I'll buy her a new camera." Ya, Cody brought all his money with him! Jared told him no so he looked at getting me a tripod for my camera. T.J. immediately said, "Oh no, you are not getting that. She'll take a ton more pictures. Well, she already does. But then she'll take even more." Haha, he knows me too well!
As they were looking around Cody found something was that a hundred dollars but Jared told him he can't spend that much money. So then he found me something for $20. Jared asked if he wanted to spend that much, and Cody said, "What, isn't mom worth it?!" How cute. So he bought it.
T.J. looked around for a while before he decided on the perfect thing for me. Jared said they were there forever cause T.J. couldn't decide. T.J. puts a lot of thought into presents. When he was 4 he picked out a chicken table runner, a chicken floor mat to stand on while doing dishes, and a hot pad all by himself. I was shocked that he could tune into me so much to know what I would need. I can't wait to see what these boys got me. They are so cute!!
Then they hit the Halloween section and Jared text me these pictures. Made my morning. Trust Jared to take time out of school to play in the Halloween section.



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