Thursday, September 29, 2011

Poor Henry

So sad to report that our friend Henry, the tarantula, died. I found him today when Cody, Bill Drury and I went to feed him a preying mantis. Poor Henry. He'd been shrinking some since we caught him. Heard that was normal. We'd fed him grasshoppers, and saw he'd eaten them. But I think what got him was Cody forgot to put some water out for him a few days ago. Cody felt so bad.
Even though we were pretty creeped out by him at first, we all grew to like him. He was fascinating! We'd stay out there and just stare at him as we'd feed him and such. Friends would come over to see him. It was fun to have this sort of "pet". Hope we find another one up at my parents house soon.
So long Henry.

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