Monday, September 26, 2011

Learning To Drive a Stick Shift....

Jared's Dad is borrowing this little Daihatsu truck. And when I say little, I mean little! I'm as tall as this truck. I can't believe Jared can even fit in this thing. It looks like a little European truck of some sorts. Plus, it's so ugly, it's kinda cute. Anyways, it's a good little truck to learn a stick shift on. Very basic shifting. So Jared got T.J. and Cody out driving this past weekend. (So weird to think they are already learning a stick! Feelin' old right now.)

T.J's up....   Friday night fun before Pizza Night....

T.J. did SO good. Didn't kill it once. They drove it all around Grandpa Morse's place. He got up to 2nd gear. Didn't even grind the gears as he shifted. I'm not surprised. This kid catches onto this kinda stuff really fast.
The boys all think it's funny they are learning how to drive a stick when I can't even drive one. In my defense... I was learning on Jared's '70 Chev when we quit driving it because of all the repairs it needed. So technically I can't drive one as of yet, BUT, I was learning.

The little stinker pulls up next to me and says, "Hey mom, want me to teach you how to drive a stick?" Then immediately says, "Dad told me to say that," to avoid getting in trouble!  Love that cheeser grin on his face!

Taking a ride together before it got too dark. Sorry these aren't the best pictures. Had to use my phone.

Driving around Grandpa's place.

Cody's turn.... Sunday evening before dinner....                                                          

Jared took Cody around first to show him the brake, clutch, and gas pedal. Cody hasn't had any experience in driving a truck yet like T.J. has so we thought for safety reasons, we should probably do that first!

Don't ya love the sun rays coming down in this picture?! Again I used my phone so I thought it turned out pretty cool. Cody did really good at driving!!! He didn't kill it once either. He payed more attention to driving then T.J.. Cody hardly looked over at me as he'd pass. He took it nice and slow and didn't hit anything! (This is huge for Cody! When he cuts the grass, he usually hits the picnic table, haha!)

T.J. jumped on back.

Looking at this picture makes me feel really old right now. So cute though!

My cute boys. All growing up so fast. Not sure if Hunter is going to learn this. We're not sure if Grandpa's place can handle that wild child's driving yet.

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