Friday, September 2, 2011

Football Practice/Pep Rally...

It's obvious I'm loving this football thing. I go to almost every practice even though Jared goes too, I blog about it constantly, and love talking about it. Jared's lovin' this, too. Especially when he gets to help at practice. Today was one of those days.
Jared really gets into playing with those kids. When they have the Dad's join in, he's the one who's really out there playing. They have the Dad's help fill holes so they can practice their plays like it's a game.

Jared's blocking at the far right. I love to watch him out there.

Coaches are playing, too.

Look at the expression on Jared's face. Classic.

T.J.'s blocking right in front of Jared so Jared can get through the line.

Cody doing his reading homework. Love having practice right by the library.

Our team got flags for every player. They'll hang them up on our end zone. Pretty cool.

We also got a vinyl banner for the boys to run through. The middle of it Velcro's back up and then it hangs at our end zone also. The boys were pretty excited for this. They got in their huddle and did the cheer before they practiced running through it.

We had a little pep rally after practice to sike the boys up for their first game tomorrow. We are trying to get their energy levels up more. There's a few kids who are loud, but most of them are pretty quiet. They also got bracelets as their prize for the week. Every week they get something to help with excitement.

Cheer at the end.

I love our coaches. They've done a great job with these boys. Can't wait for the game tomorrow!

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