Sunday, April 3, 2011


For christmas Jared's brother Justin gave the boys the coolest present. It was a Frog Habitat Science experiment. The boys were so excited! We order two tadpoles and watch them grow into frogs! How cool is that?! We had to send away to California for the tadpoles. Once the temperatures reached above a certain temperature, the tadpoles were shipped. They arrived this last monday. We were all so excited!
We can only use spring water for them.
Adjusting the tadpoles to the temperature.
I know it's blurry, but it's a tadpole in there.
Checking out their new friends.
Their new home.
The boys (ok... and me) have had so much fun watching them swim around. They are fast little buggers. We can't wait until they start growing their legs. Cody made a list of words to describe the new tadpoles....
very fast,
tiny eyes,
have tales,
very small,
small brains,
have dots on them, short tails,
eats one meal a day,
green and brown.

What a fun present!!

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