Sunday, April 3, 2011

April Fool's Day

This year I wasn't sure if I was going to pull any pranks for April Fool's Day. It had been a hard couple of days and I wasn't feeling up to it, but... I did anyways.  :)  And best of all... it worked!! I got this idea from my cute friend Tobie so I can't take all the credit. I made chocolate cupcakes. About 12 of them had "special frosting" and the rest just had yummy chocolate frosting on top. For the "special frosting" I mixed up some mashed potatoes and made sure they were really creamy. Then I added food coloring to made it look even more like real frosting. I topped these special cupcakes with the mashed potatoes and even made them look like pretty roses.
Can't even tell, can you?!
First I got Jared. I told him I tried a new recipe for frosting and wanted his opinion. He totally fell for it! Immediately he started making a face and threw it out. He knew I did it on purpose cause I couldn't quit laughing. Then the boys came home. Jared played along with me. They couldn't wait to have a cupcake. This time I got smart and took a picture of them as they ate it.
I love the look on their faces. It's perfect! They spit them out as fast as they could. This time I did better and didn't laugh as hard as they ate them. They wouldn't have eaten them if I'd laughed.
Friday night is pizza night at Jared's parents house. Another opportunity for my special cupcakes!! I threatened the boys not to tell anyone or they'd have to eat another one. So Cody got smart and just told Jared's mom and sister Heather that there was something special in the cupcakes but he couldn't tell them. They knew it was some kind of joke so I told them what it was. But the best part... we got Jared's dad!!! I told him just to try one and see what he thought of the new frosting. He popped the whole thing in his mouth! I had to hurry and turn around I was laughing SO hard! So was Heather! He said right off, "These taste like @#*&. I think you forgot to put the sugar in them." Everyone died laughing! He wouldn't eat one of the real cupcakes after that. I don't think he trusted me anymore. We also got Trevor and Jaimi (Jared's brother and his fiance), but they ate theirs upstairs alone so we didn't get to see their faces. But I guess they almost threw up. On the other hand... my nephew Kai who is 21 months loved the mashed potatoes and ate every bit.
I guess I deserve what I got from the boys for April Fool's Day. T.J. put a rubber band around the sprayer in the kitchen 3 times! And Cody got me once with it, too. Jared always does that to me every year but this year he promised he wouldn't so I relaxed some. Trust my boys to carry on the tradition!
Don't know if you can see how wet my shirt got but he got me good!
Cody also tricked me pretty good. He told me this big story of what he did at school to his teacher. He said he pretended to faint in class and his teacher Mrs. Wilcox screamed and ran over to him. He said she bent down over him and he popped up and said "Happy April Fool's Day!" And then she screamed again. He had me going big time on this story. Pretty soon he told me April Fool's! That kid!
Oh ya... T.J. got his first punch today at school. He got it right in the temple. It was pretty swollen and was starting to bruise. He was standing up for his friend so this bully in their class wouldn't go beat him up, so he turned around and punched T.J. before he went after the other kid. T.J.'s a good kid. He doesn't start fights. I felt bad he got punched so hard. He hurt there for a little while.
You can't tell too much by the picture but it was already starting to go blue. Poor kid.

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