Monday, April 25, 2011


I know I haven't posted much on Jared's CPT course he's taking, but I am so proud of him. He finished his final today!!! He did it in just under 2 months! When he signed up they said it usually takes about 8 months to finish everything, but he worked as hard as he could and got it done fast. It seemed like whenever he had time, he was always studying. He did great, too! There were 33 quizes he took. And throughout all of them, he only missed one question. He's nervous about the final, but I know he did good. He really knows his stuff. He had 7 essays he had to write on different major things he learned, then he had 3 case studies he had to come up with exercise programs for plus nutrition habits. He'll find out his results in about 3 days. Now all he has to do is get certified in CPR/AED (defibrillator), send in his certificate of completion, and then his CPT certificate will come. I think he'll take that course next week. He just wants everything to be done. He's thinking about certifying in nutrition to go along with being a personal trainer. They recommend doing this to have better luck with jobs. Jared already has one client though (besides me) and that's my friend Tobie. She's supposed to start this week. Jared's nervous, but so excited!
Jared taking his final. He lucked out at the timing of everything. He was originally supposed to test at the Salt Lake Community College, but the week before he took it, they opened the online testing. It helped so much since the final took him 3 days.

I'm so proud of him!!!!

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