Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Wettest Spring I Remember Yet

I am in shock at how wet this spring has been. Most of the time I love a good rain storm, especially with thunder. But this year has been crazy. We are way above our average rainfall this year and it's not stopping yet. The news reported that we haven't seen snow totals this high in the mountains in 30 years. After last weekend's heavy snow storm that caused 4 big branches from our trees to fall, we've had 2 good days of weather. Luckily we got the trees all cleaned up during that small window of sunshine.

Look how horrible these trees are. This one completely pulled off leaving it all hollow up inside. This wood just shreds apart. I'll never understand why someone would want elm trees in their yard.

The biggest branch that came down even cracked our walkway. We found this as we unburied our yard. We also found that it broke one of our solar lights out front and hit quite a few of my tulips coming up. But the tulips are starting to pull out of it. And, the lilac bush is doing better, too. Thanks goodness. It's one of my favorites!
We had a TON of sticks to pick up. I couldn't believe how many we had stabbed into the grass. Some of them were pretty thick, others were so thin I was surprised they didn't break. That's how wet the ground is!

Hunter using his "witch" broom to sweep. He's obsessed with witches at Halloween time. So his Grandma Morse gave him her old broom from the sheep camp. He rides that thing everywhere.

Jared had to get on top of the roof to finish cleaning up the huge branches and sweep it off. It was a mess!

We've had rain and snow almost constantly since Thursday. Our yard is a mess! We were going to start selling the puppies this weekend but we've got standing water out by their house which is making them so filthy. Guess we'll wait until the storm is done next week and then start. Hopefully we can get our garden in as well. Don't get me wrong, I'm so thankful for the moisture, but I'm so tired of everything being so wet! I didn't even try to get out and take a picture of the pond the horses are in out in the corral. 
Poor animals. One day they might dry out.

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