Tuesday, April 26, 2011

He Passed!!!!!

Jared got his results on his final this morning (I know, that was quick!). He passed!! He more than passed! He got 91%!! I'm so proud of him. He said he missed 4 questions and got a lower score on one case study he had to do, but he did great!! (He had to do 3 case studies of 3 different people and exercise and nutrition programs he had to put them on. One was of a golfer. If anyone knows Jared, you know he HATES golf! So he put the guy on a lower impact routine so it wouldn't kill this 55 year old cause Jared doesn't think golf is a sport at all. Poor Jared, should have known he'd get a case study about golf of all things. It's the Morse Law he's cursed with!)
I'm so proud of him!! I couldn't stop smiling all morning. The boys were all excited, too. Cody told him congratulations. Jared started training me at home today using the exercise ball to lift weights with. Let's just say it is so different then lifting in the gym with him. (I've lifted with him for almost 3 years now.) He kicked my butt today! I was going to make him a cake to celebrate his graduation but that will wait until tomorrow when I can use my arms again. He's going to make a good trainer!

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  1. Personal Trainer? That's so cool. Him and I will have to chat.