Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt at Grandma & Grandpa Kenison's House

We had our fun annual easter egg hunt at my parents last sunday before easter. Jamie, Grandma and I always do a fun hunt for the kids outside at their house. This year my brother John helped us hide the easter eggs, too. 
We couldn't get the eggs hidden before so the boys had to stay in the house while we hid them. Ya, they didn't see where any got put at all. (Can you hear the scarcasim in that?!)

John almost broke the garbage trying to hide one up there.

It fell down. So he ate the candy and then hid the wrapper in there.

I thought it would be funny to put one in my mom's exhaust, but somehow John slid it in too far with his knife while trying to get it back out. Oops! I laughed so hard! I love hanging out with my brother John. He cracks us up!

So we got the shop vac and sucked it out. Luckily it worked so I wasn't in trouble.

We always hide one in this cow skull. We found this up at Smith-n-More House. Pretty cool.

The hunt begins!

The boys love finding them out on the playground.

John put it way up high in the tree.

Jamie put one on my truck just resting there and it fell into the wheel. It took Jared a little bit to get it out. John ate the candy and filled it with rocks and hid it. Poor Cody found that one.

Had to pose by my dad's new tractor. He bought that cute little thing for a 100 bucks! And it runs!

My mom and sister Jamie with the boys.

Isn't he just cute?! And old!

Hunter playing with his bubbles Jamie gave them.

It's so fun to celebrate easter with my family. Dinner, playing on grandpa's playground he's building for the kids, and the fun easter egg hunt. One of the best times of the year!

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  1. Man I miss you guys! I am so excited to see you this summer. Yeah for family reunions!