Saturday, April 9, 2011


I went to a baby shower for my friend Kristina (Hirschi) Gollaher today. After 3 boys she is finally getting her girl! It was so fun to see her and another old friend of ours Karie (Hempel) Crawford. We've been friends since elementary - I think around 6th grade. We've kept in touch through phone calls and facebook, and now blogging. It's fun to see where we've ended up through the years. And now we all live within about 20 minutes of each other. I miss these guys. We had some fun times together from skipping school (don't worry, it was usually the last couple of days of the year. I know, we were rebels!), to boys!!!, to just hanging out as friends. And later on I did Kristina's wedding flowers and Karie helped me with my wedding video after we were married. There's not much in life that's better than good friends!

On the way home, I had to stop and take a couple of pictures of these cool sprinklers. If you know me, I'm obsessed with the huge sprinklers they use on farms. Ok, I'm obsessed with anything that has to do with farms! (I'm not afraid to admit it.) I just loved how pretty they looked with the storm and the trees lining the background. On day I'm going to have my huge farm with sprinklers like these!

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