Wednesday, April 20, 2011

First Soccer Game

Hunter had his first soccer game last Saturday. Technically it was supposed to be the week before, but with all the rain we've got lately, it was cancelled.
This was from his orientation day. (I'm just not on the ball with getting these pictures on here.) He's getting his uniform. He's number 3! They decided their team would be called the "Tigers".

Hunter was so shy. Around those he knows he's his typical self - the class clown. But around others or when he's doing something for the first time - like soccer - he's really quiet.

Hunter and one of his best friend's - Savannah Drury (Possum). Aren't they just the cutest! They could pass for brother and sister. I asked them to stand and smile for pictures, so Possum posses for me with her little hip thrown out. They are going to get married someday. (Hunter's told me this for a couple years now.)

Now onto his first game....
Hunter takes his soccer very seriously... can you tell?! He's quite the clown sometimes. He couldn't wait for his game. Once we finally found his socks (this kid looses EVERYTHING!), he wore his uniform for almost 4 hours before his game.

I had to throw this in. Love this picture. I think Cody spent almost every minute we were home that day on the 4-wheeler hauling his little brother around on back.

Hunter practicing before his game. This part I'm not too happy about. His coaches don't know too much about soccer. They only volunteered because we didn't have a coach. So they've decided to only hold a practice 15 minutes before each game. These kids are not going to learn how to play. We're working with Hunter at home. And my brother Jim is going to help. He played soccer for years. He's really good.
T.J. and Cody watching Hunter's practice.

Hunter did really good in his game. He played most of the time. He was always going after the ball and payed good attention.

Doesn't he look so cute in his cleats! I couldn't get over how much he looked like a real soccer player, and he hadn't even had much practice yet.

You can't see Possums face clearly but she totally had on a players attack face. She took this seriously when they were playing, then did cartwheels while there were time outs.

This is a good example of why we need practices during the week. They decided they weren't going to let anymore goals get through so they lined up and held hands right in front of the goal.

Coach giving Hunter and Possum "5".

They did really good for not knowing what they were really doing. They lost 3-2. You could tell the other team had practiced, too. Good job cute kids!

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