Sunday, April 17, 2011


Jared's softball season has begun again. He had his first game last Thursday. Some of the same teammates from last year are playing again this year, but there's also a bunch of new comers. The team name is still Riverton Rehab after Will Drury's practice. The Drury's - Will, Joyce, Quinn and Miriam - are all playing again this year, as well as Jared, my brother Jim, Jared's sister Heather and brother Trevor with Jaimi-his fiance-, Chris and Tobie Kent, and then a few from Will's work.
Jared is their main pitcher, with Will subbing in sometimes. Jared pitched a really good game, throwing a bunch of strikes. I didn't like this ump though. He was so critical of his pitching, telling how to correct it even though he was throwing and calling strikes. He didn't say one thing to the other team's pitcher, and he was not good at all! I hate when umps favor.
It makes me nervous to watch Jared pitch. I'm so afraid he's going to get hit hard. Last year he got smacked right in the shin right smack dab on the bone. I heard it hit from the stands. I thought for sure it might have cracked the bone. But he was lucky! Especially since he was leaving to hike down dark canyon two days later with the scouts! I got hit once when I pitched years ago. Got it right on my hip. The girl smacked the ball so fast I didn't have time to react. Since then I've been more timid about pitching; especially to guys. I worry about Jared. I just turn my head a little bit once he throws that ball so if it does happen (which I pray it never does!!!!!) I don't want to see it.

Jared up to bat. This ended up being a foul. They had a really hard time getting good hits off this pitcher. He'd pitch the ball way too high. The ump never corrected him. He'd even call strikes when the ball would BOUNCE on home plate. Sorry ump... that was not a strike!

Jared ended up being walked.

My brother Jim up to bat. He's a really good player. He played baseball growing up. Jared's the base coach by third base.

I love watching their games. But it kills me not to play. I LOVE softball. I played both for the city and YW for 8 years growing up. I played pitcher. I miss playing. But since I blew my knee out, I don't dare play on a team. Everyone tells me to take it easy and just play, but I know I wouldn't be able to. I take softball very seriously. I know I'd probably blow my knee out again doing a switchback in between bases, just to try and save us an out. My Dr. told me I have to be very careful in things I do now. My muscles are not the same anymore and with one minscus missing, I could blow it out again very easily. So now I'm a cheerleader. And I'll go practice with them for fun. Plus, Jared and I play catch a lot in the backyard which I love to do. So at least I'm getting in a little softball here and there.

They lost their game 25 to 5 (ouch!) 

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