Sunday, April 10, 2011

My Cute Boys

Today was one of those days where I loved going to church with just me and my cute boys. Jared always has meetings before church so he's there before we even go. As we left today we all piled in the front seat of my red truck. I looked over and saw us all squished in there, all dressed up and ready for church. It was one of those moments when everyone was clean, all looking nice, and all getting along and happy to be with each other (this doesn't always happen!). I felt so lucky at that moment to have this time with them. If Jared can drive to church with us, the boys ride in the backseat, so I would have missed this moment today. But today it was just us, and it was ok.

Then as we walked into church and started down the hallway to head to class, I walked behind them and looked down. All three boys were holding hands. It only lasted a few seconds, but I saw it. It was the cutest thing. Then I heard Hunter look at Cody and say, "Bestest Friends". I love my boys. I love today. Everyone is getting along and is happy to be with each other. Maybe it's because the sun peeked out today and it hasn't been snowing much at all, but I don't care what the reason is. Today I realized how lucky I am to be able to go to church with my boys. How lucky I am to be squished together as we ride to church. How lucky I am to have them with me. How lucky I was to steal a quick glance at them all holding hands and to hear what Hunter said. I love my cute boys.

Some of my favorite pictures of my boys all dressed up for church....

T.J.'s baptism day - Aug. 1, 2009

Mother's Day 2010 (yes that's marker all over Hunter's face from decorating himself as a rodeo clown. We tried to get it all off but, of course, he didn't use washable.)

Father's Day 2010

Jared's awesome ties they made for him in primary.

So dang cute! They loved their goggles they got for swimming lessons and wanted to wear them to church. How do you say no to these faces?!


  1. Wow, your boys look so much like your Dad. Those Kenison genes are WAY too strong. My oldest, London, looks JUST like my Dad. :)

    K, Markers. You can get them off with rubbing alcohol. A cotton ball and a splash of that stuff takes off everything, even fake tattoos. :)

  2. I love Sundays like that. A little slice of heaven in the home for a day is always a plus. :) Cute post Jenn!